Laura Martin on the Writing Process and Launch Plan for Her Novel, Float

For many authors, their first completed manuscript isn't always the one that gets the first book deal. This was the case for middle-grade author Laura Martin. Her critically acclaimed Edge of Extinction book series was her second book project but was the first to get the attention of a literary agent and publisher. Her manuscript for her latest release, Float, was written and ready at same time but had to be set aside as Martin focused on revising and preparing her book series for publication. Martin came back to Float once her book series was released. Close to her heart, Float is the story of a group of kids with uncontrollable abilities, inspired by the stories from her dad growing up. Martin found this story much easier to write since she pulled from her own experiences. Middle-grade readers can be tough to reach, as Martin learned with the release of her book series. The best way to reach these readers, she says, is through school visits, library talks, and events through local bookstores.

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