The Importance of Making Readers Care - podcast

The key to writing a page-turner is to make readers care about your characters. At least that's what the late Hollywood icon Stan Lee believed. Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, discusses how to make readers care, and he stresses the importance of creating believable characters. Even in a fictitious world, characters must be credible and believable. Other key aspects to making readers care about your book include writing what you would enjoy reading and knowing the market in which you write. This insightful interview will encourage and inspire you to write the book within you.
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  • 信じられないほど、私はあなたを称賛します。

  • I've been writing for 11 years since I was 14 and published one book and am working on another one I'm actually trying to turn the first book into a graphic novel I just want to say you're right it's never too late
  • What a fantastic video and encouraging and I too been carrying stories in my head for over twenty years, but its never too late to start and as long as you do start, this is what matters so I wish all future and budding writers kudos to your efforts and continued success in your lives!
  • I totally agree, Philip. I have had my stories in my head for many years and have only just realised that I should be sharing them. I should have done it long ago. I am hoping to have my first novel published by the end of this year.
  • Mr. Stan Lee can you tell me if I can write something that someone would love to read by me just watching different old and new movies. I don't read that much because of my Sleep Apnea but I do love watching movies and I begin to dream of what I would like to watch and others. I just finished a book Are there still good Men and Women around today. I thought about my parents bringing me up and then the things I see today. Its a fiction book for families to read or maybe a movie one day.