Creating and Using Strong Characters as an Author Platform

Society has come a long way from the stories of the 1500s, in which women were largely portrayed as passive characters without much autonomy. However, even with all of the advancements of our time, authors are still discussing the difficulty of creating dynamic, strong female characters. In addition, some still believe that stories with strong female characters are difficult to sell. L.E. Perez, author and owner of Palmas Publishing, writes books that revolve around bold, exciting female characters, and as an advocate for strong women, she believes these stories can succeed. She attributes the previous lack of success to a few important factors that authors don’t often consider when writing strong female characters. In the clip below, Perez explains the compelling nature of strong characters who are women. “For me, a strong woman is a strong person, not just a strong woman.” What does it mean to write strong characters and how can this approach enhance your author platform? Listen to the clip below to learn more!

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