Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein on the Concept behind Dating Your Character

It takes a lot of work to create complete characters with quirks, backstories, and motivations. Readers want to engage with characters who feel like real people, who act out consistent motivations and personalities. Whether you write stories that are primarily character-driven or plot-driven, your characters are important. So how do you get to know your characters? Building a character is different than building a plot because it typically requires more planning up front. Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, writer, producer, director, and career coach, shares her character development method which began with the question, “if you walked into a bar, would you want to get to know your character?” The concept evolved into an eight-step book, Dating Your Character, and writing exercises that revolve around your relationship with your character. The process of dating your character can help create more fully developed, interesting, and marketable characters and stories. Learn about the method and her book in the clip below!

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