Writing Characters that Connect with Your Audience Emotionally

Dan Watanabe, Entertainment Expert and Media Arts Instructor, explains why audiences emotionally connect with courageous characters. Anytime that a writer creates a character, he or she ought to take a step back and attempt to understand how a reader is experiencing the story in any given scene. That can be difficult, as writers know context about the scene that a reader doesn’t. But, if a character is well crafted, a reader will be able to connect with a character and experience the story in the same way the character is. Watanabe explains that some characters are so compelling that readers become brave simply by reading your story. He says great characters are written in normal situations, responding with great courage. Not only does this endear people to your characters, but it also creates opportunities for compelling plot developments. Listen to the clip below to learn more from Watanabe as he gives examples and explains emotionally enticing characters.

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