Antagonism 101: How to Create Conflict in a Story

Every great protagonist needs an equally great antagonist to struggle against. Without this conflict or opposition, a story will be dull, uninteresting, and unfocused. But, what is an antagonist? Must it always be a villain or have bad intentions? Can it be an object, a situation, a certain condition? Must a story have only one antagonist, or can it have several, both internal and external? Editor JoSelle Vanderhooft will discuss these questions and more in this webinar, which will teach you how to give your main character(s) a negative force to overcome.

About the Presenter:
JoSelle Vanderhooft has been editing since 2004. Her clients include publishers such as Dreamspinner Press, Siren/Bookstrand, and Bella Books, and individual authors who have been nominated for numerous awards or reached Amazon bestseller status. As an author, anthologist, and poet, her own work has been a finalist for the Rainbow Reader Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the Lambda Literary Award. She lives in Utah with her family and two rambunctious kitty cats.

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