The Elements of a Page-Turner - video

The late Stan Lee didn't have any rules about what makes a story a page turner, he just made sure to interest himself along the way. Lee, comic creator of Spider-man, Fantastic Four and X-Man and former president and CEO of Marvel Comics, says an author has to have a basic idea of plot. From there, he must make the audience care about the hero so that when he gets in trouble, they suffer too. Tension develops when the hero keeps trying to do right, only to land in deeper trouble. How will he get out of it this time? Lee often wondered this too! But by introducing complex situations and surprises, readers are taken on quite a journey that offers big relief and enjoyment when the payoff occurs.
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  • What great,great,great suggestions and examples. I tried to write every word you said. But then, said, talented people don't have rules or formulas, they just DO IT! Wow! But the example did give me ideas. Thanks a bunch! Barbara Long "And One More Makes Five "
  • September 5 2012 -Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You may not view it as wisdom but from my point of view it validates what I already know in myself as an aspiring writer/poet. Thank you for stepping forward and sharing your gift with others. Lorraine.
  • A few days ago I did leave a comment that it is amazing what some communities consider as Adult reading or children entertainment. Most Parents in the Caribbean would buy comics for their children but not read them as adults in my case this was true. On Sundays a family treat to pass the comic strips around, but the book we did buy for our children. One growth point my son has a teary eye therefore his teacher recommend comic because of shorter pods to read. Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 04092012 It his birthday today RIP Haydain Neale, jacksoul lead singer died of cancer.
  • thanks--this was very helpful and succinct as a way to focus maxine de felice