Taking Risks and Challenging Yourself as a Writer - video

Award-winning western and mystery writer Larry D. Sweazy has been quoted as saying, "I like to stretch myself as a writer, to go to the vulnerable, uncomfortable places, even when people warn that you shouldn’t even try. I’ve always been a little rebellious.” Sweazy strongly believes that writers should take risks and challenge themselves throughout their careers. Switching gears from westerns to mysteries was a long stretch for him, especially since the main character in his Marjorie Trumaine series is female, but he knew that as an artist he had to accept the challenge. He could no longer ignore the voice that wanted to tell the stories. What started as a short story to test his skills turned into a life- and career-changing experience. Sweazy recommends to other writers that they go to those places where they are exposed and vulnerable. No matter the outcome, if you know you did your best possible work the risk is worth the effort.

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