Advice for Authors Revisiting an Unfinished Manuscript - podcast

"Get your butt in the chair!" That's the advice from author and TV personality Rolonda Watts for writers struggling to complete a manuscript. Watts knows from her own writing experience with her debut novel Destiny Lingers that one of the biggest challenges for writers is to stay disciplined. While the business of writing can be very lonely, it can also be incredibly rewarding, she says. Watts advises new writers to remember the important role that stories play in our lives and that your story can have a major impact on the lives of others, so don't be afraid to share it with the world. As her friend and mentor Dr. Maya Angelou told her, "Don't die with that story still in you." Now that she is published Watts knows that when she is gone her story will live on and her hope is that it will continue to inspire others.

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