Simon & Schuster Presents: A Book Club Matinee featuring authors Ruth Ware + Megan Miranda - video

Watch exclusive footage of bestselling authors Ruth Ware and Megan Miranda, in conversation with Elisabeth Egan, Books Editor at Glamour Magazine, a part of Simon & Schuster’s Book Club Matinee at New York City’s historic Ed Sullivan Theater.


1. Ruth Ware discusses how she got the idea for her book, In a Dark, Dark Wood, soon to be a major motion picture, and how her idea for her second book, The Woman in Cabin 10, came about in a very different way.

2. Megan Miranda reveals what inspired the concepts for her books, All the Missing Girls and The Perfect Stranger.

3. These two authors share a similar writing space and process. Learn about how they maintain balance in their writing lives.

4. What do these bestselling authors read for inspiration and what books do they avoid?

5. What comes first when these authors start a new book - the characters, the plot, or the setting?

6. Learn about their very different approaches to editing and revisions, and how quickly they move on to their next book projects.

7. What trends are they are seeing in thriller/suspense and how did they both get started writing in this genre?

8. Both authors share their very best advice for aspiring writers.

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