Simon & Schuster Presents: A Book Club Matinee featuring bestselling author Isabel Allende - video

Watch exclusive footage of bestselling author Isabel Allende, in conversation with Carol Fitzgerald, Founder and President of The Book Report Network, a part of Simon & Schuster’s Book Club Matinee at New York City’s historic Ed Sullivan Theater.

Isabel Allende discusses: 

1. The concept for her new book, In the Midst of Winter.

2. How letter writing inspired her very first book, The House of the Spirits, and how it has continued to influence many of her other books.

3. Her process for starting a new book.

4. How much research was required for her book, The Japanese Lover, and where the idea for this book originated.

5. Why she enjoys writing about mature love, spirituality, and the importance of relationships.

6. The importance of letting your characters drive the story and outcome.

7. The challenges she faced when writing a crime novel.

8. Her support group and the importance of every writer having a circle of people they can trust.

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