Sheri Fink on Transitioning from Children’s Books to Writing Her Romantic Novel, Cake In Bed - video

Author Sheri Fink's debut novel Cake in Bed is a sweet and sexy romance, very different from her bestselling series of children's picture books. Fink experienced some self-doubt when starting this book project, but something inside of her drove her to keep writing. She even put one of her children's book projects on hold to finish the novel. It was during the editing process that she realized her novel had the same underlying message as her series of children's books: self-love, but this time aimed at adults. She already had a captive audience of fans with her children's books - the parents - so she kept her marketing message focused on the honesty of the story and knew it would reach the people it was meant to reach. Fink was able to successfully publish and market work in a completely different genre, while staying in alignment with her overall brand, "The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink."

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  • This was a great vid, Sheri, thank you! I myself have bounced between children's and adult horror, and the initial doubt that I I could even guide a new ship through different waters was nerve wrecking. I kept thinking of all the hardnosed thespians of mystery/ thriller that would be shaking their head at the book. But in the end, it's just as you say: write the book you want to read, write what's bubbling up inside you and the book will find its audience. I believe that 100 percent!