The Importance of Shifting Your Approach Between Various Creative Writing Formats

According to Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, writer, producer, director, and career coach, writers have to switch gears when writing in different formats. For example, a way of approaching a short story is different than approaching a screenplay. Cutler-Rubenstein shares how she has approached writing a memoir, and what she does in order to get in the correct mindset. This differs when she goes to write novels or screenplays. Cutler-Rubenstein also shares the importance of understanding the legal aspects of writing and protecting your work across different formats. You also need to know the genre structures. For example, short stories and flash fiction don’t need to have an ending like a novel would. Novels are more sensory than those formats, and an author needs to switch to a writing style that brings a reader into a room. A screenplay, on the other hand, focuses on costuming and emotionally rich snapshots of life complete with subtext and nuance. Every writer has different ways of creating within these formats, so it’s important you know what yours are. Listen to the clip below to learn more about writing in a variety of formats.

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