Howard V. Hendricks on Publishing His Short Story Collection, The Girls With Kaleidoscope Eyes

The goal of any author is to be paid to write, but that’s not always an easy goal to achieve. Some authors exclusively publish long fiction, some exclusively publish short fiction, and others publish a mixture of both. No matter what an author is writing, the common obstacle to writing more and getting paid more is time. It takes a large amount of time to keep on a writing schedule and continually create new content. In order to combat this obstacle, many authors repurpose previously written content.  Howard V. Hendrix, award-winning science fiction author and English professor, explains how his short story collection was created and published. The content in his short story collection, The Girls with Kaleidoscope Eyes, was created well before he had the idea to publish them together. These stories were published in Analog magazine over the course of ten years and a friend gave him the idea of publishing them in a collection. Watch the clip below to learn more about how you can use a portfolio of work to publish a larger, cohesive piece. 

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