Plot Planning

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  • How to Write a Fiction Series

    Readers love a series. Agents love series. Both indie authors and publishers know that a well-connected series can gain loyal fans and increase sales. Series also create...
    Allie Pleiter
    • Allie Pleiter
  • Page-Turning Scenes: The sequence that keeps your readers reading, no matter your genre

    Want to write a book that keeps readers engaged throughout? Understanding the basics of scene structure is the building block of writing a compelling novel. Join us...
    Jennifer Crosswhite
    • Jennifer Crosswhite
  • The 5 Elements of Plot

    In fiction, plot is defined as the series of events (action) that make up a story. Most plots follow a structure known as Freytag’s triangle, which has five basic elements...
    Jeanne Lyet Gassman
    • Jeanne Lyet Gassman
  • How Rebecca Serle Crafts Magical Reads

    Rebecca Serle discusses how magical elements informed and inspired In Five Years, One Italian Summer , and her newest novel, Expiration Dates . For more on this New...
    Rebecca Serle
    • Rebecca Serle
  • Keys to Writing a Successful Romance Series

    Per the Romance Writers of America, every romance story must end with a "Happily Ever After" in order to be considered true romance. New York Times bestselling romance...
    Aleatha Romig
    • Aleatha Romig