Plot Planning

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  • The Importance of Allowing Flexibility in Your Plotting

    The writing process can evolve over time as a writer gets more experienced, and this is the case for award-winning author, screenwriter, and editor Mike Robinson. Early...
    Mike Robinson
    • Mike Robinson
  • Writing an Opening that Hooks the Reader

    Award-winning author, screenwriter, and editor Mike Robinson believes there are a few necessary elements when writing a strong opening for your story. First, your opening...
    Mike Robinson
    • Mike Robinson
  • The 3 “Cs” of a Great Action Thriller Novel

    Fiction genres typically have certain elements or features that are common or expected for that specific genre of writing. For example, fantasy stories are expected...
    Guy Morris
    • Guy Morris
  • The Cold Case that Inspired "The Maze"

    Bestselling author Nelson DeMille on how the unsolved Gilgo Beach murders on Long Island caught his imagination. For more on this New York Times bestselling author of...
    Nelson DeMille
    • Nelson DeMille
  • The Seven Stages of Building a Magic System

    Creating an imaginary world from scratch that is interesting and believable can be very challenging. Fantasy authors have the unique challenge of building a magic system...
    C.R. Rowenson
    • C.R. Rowenson