Advice for Aspiring Authors on the Rewards and Challenges of Being a Writer

As with most careers and ventures, being a writer comes with both pros and cons. Felicia Low-Jimenez and Adan Jimenez (A.J. Low), co-authors of the Singaporean middle-grade book series Sherlock Sam, grew up with a passion for reading and writing. They have found some international success with their award-winning series, but both authors still have other jobs to support themselves. What keeps them going is their love for writing. For Adan, the simple joy of storytelling makes all of the hard work worth the effort. Understanding your goals and reasons for writing are very important, he says. Felicia encourages aspiring authors to be open to feedback and to learning from your peers at all times. They both agree that the best way to continue progressing is to keep writing and keep reading. By reading the work of other authors, you will start to understand the "rules of writing", which can go a long way in strengthening your craft.

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