Tips for Handling Rejection and Bad Reviews - video

Rejection and getting bad reviews is part of being an author. It hurts, but it's an unfortunate reality for any artist who puts their work out for the world to see. Andrea Dunlop, director of Social Media and Marketing for Girl Friday Productions, shares insight and tips on how to handle bad book reviews. If you do receive a bad review, the worst thing you can do is share your anger online or jump into the fray. It's important to remain professional. If you are unable to ignore bad reviews, you can make the decision to simply not read your reviews or comments about your book.
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  • My book had four reviews, three were very well written and excellent, one was a hurtful experience, she had not even read the first chapter, missed the whole idea, at the end just put a few good words in just to recapture some of it. I wished to have had a chance talk to her personally , not to criticize, but to ask which part did she not understand, it was written in clear English.
  • Thanks for your insight and advice. Happy Holidays and God Bless. Robert Calabro.
  • God made my new book exciting, revealing, paranormal, and highly interesting. I felt God said it will do very well. The more that read it, the more receive eternal life!
  • Thanks for advise. God bless.
  • Caglar, that is not the situation at all. Some chose to self-publish to speed up the speed-to market or to have more control over their book (just to name a few reasons) Best wishes on your book.