The Importance of Having an Honest Critique Partner for Your Writing - podcast

Having a trustworthy, honest critique partner is critical for any writer. Award-winning writer and producer Randall Wallace, known for blockbuster films including Braveheart, We Were Soldiers and Secretariat, says it is invaluable to have someone that you trust both personally and professionally, outside of family. Those closest to you may not be the best sounding board because they try to preserve your feelings and the relationship. Wallace and writer-producer, Jack Bernstein, have had what he calls a "creative friendship" for years, bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing honest feedback. Bernstein, known for the film Ace Ventura and for his work on popular TV shows such as Monk and NCIS: New Orleans, says you aren't doing a writer any favors by not being honest. They both agree that the key to a successful creative friendship is to not only point out the areas that need improvement, but to also highlight all of the positives.  A good critique partner can save you from your inner critic and self-doubt. 

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  • I am not sure if I am a strong enough writer to turn my blog into a published book, or if the content is something people would read. I need constructive feedback as I have a lot of doubt if I actually have the talent as a writer to do this.

  • I recently started writing. I have started a blog telling my story, as a means to gauge my actual writing ability. Although 800 people have viewed my blog, I’ve received no feedback.

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    This is something I need to help me along the way.