The Importance of Joining Writing Groups and Networking with Other Authors for Feedback

One of the most common challenges for writers is finding other writers and readers that are willing to review their work and provide constructive feedback.

As a university student, author AJ Baker has many resources available to him including writing clubs and writing groups. He strongly encourages writers to seek out these types of groups and workshops in their local area. In addition, he recommends networking and building relationships with other writers and with avid readers. These are the people that are more likely to give your work the time and attention needed to provide helpful feedback and guidance.

In addition, he recommends consulting professional editors, as they can help identify areas for improvement and make you more analytical about your own work. When it comes to getting feedback and editing, one important thing to remember, he says, is to keep your writing mode and editing mode separate. If you let your editing brain stifle your creativity, it can hold you back from producing your best work.

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