The Value of Writing Groups - video

Writing is a solitary profession. So why join a writer's group? Author Eric Penz shares his perspective on why writer's groups matter and how to find a good one. Writer's groups are valuable, especially to new authors, because they allow you to network, receive feedback, and see how others write stories. Regional groups offer networking opportunities to help you connect with other specialists, such as editors or marketers. Critique writer's groups allow you to see how other people write a story, which is especially important when you're new to the craft. Critique groups are usually local, small groups that meet in person to provide specific feedback on manuscripts. Find a group that works well for you—it should feel good and feel productive.
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  • I love the idea of joining a writing group. I beliving in helping others and others helping me in publishing my books. I have not yet joined. I will soon. Thanks for your great information Eric. God bless.
  • I've jus joined writing group and I must say you are right it does help expand you knowledge and give you ideas. plus you are with people that can critique you and you them..
  • Thank you for the explanation. We have a small group we call a writing group. But it is more structured as a critique group by your description. we use a five point review system for presented pieces. A tight group familiar with each others style and comfortable giving and receiving feed back. I too strongly recommend face to face.