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Because much of a writer's life is solitary, it is easy to unintentionally isolate. Author Bethany Hegedus created a retreat and rental cabin for writers that has become not just a safe haven and source of emotional support, it is an institution in Austin, Texas. Many book parties are hosted at The Writing Barn, where groups meet, mingle and share ideas. Published authors and illustrators sign their names on "the party porch," which is often an inspiration to aspiring writers.
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  • Rose M. Smith: Do you live in Kentucky? Because if you do that would be awesome.

    The book I am writing is based in Kentucky. I am writing a fiction book but trying to get my facts straight about the state.

    Maybe you could give me some pointers?

  • I love this!! Hopefully I can visit sometime. I am in Kentucky, but have 2 sisters who live in Austin. ((: