How to Know If You Have a Good Idea - video

It can be hard to know if you have a good idea or not. What sounds good to your family might not sound good to your friends or an agent. Fortunately, Producer Robert Kosberg is here to provide some clarity on knowing a good idea when you have one.
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  • Great advice and I love Robert's enthusiasm! Thank you!!!

  • I ask my question about "keep it simple" with respect for who you are.

    I need clarification sometimes to wrap my mind around what people are saying.

    I am logged into ALC to learn about writing and I ask questions so I can understand what to do...

    Thank you for taking time to make "How to Know If You Have A Good Idea" video

    Looking forward to learning : )

  • My email is 

    I do not know if you reply on this post or via email. This is my first time utilizing ALC

    Thank you : )

  • Please explain what you mean by simple because my mind goes to "Lord of The Rings", "Star Wars", all the Marvel movies and they all seem complex. Also "Narnia", "The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe" … These type of movies I will watch over and over and still catch something new because of their complexity... I want to understand what you mean by keep it simple so I can convey that in my story.

  • I love this! A simple idea that's provocative! People want to here what comes next!