Approaching Writing Styles - video

Mitch Albom, bestselling author of "Tuesdays with Morrie", shares his personal writing style, including how he gets started with a new book and where he got the idea for his novel "The Five People You Meet in Heaven".
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  • Thank you so much for this.  In my first and only book so far that I just published, Inca Gods and Aliens, my research led me through much of the book and I had no idea where I would end the book.  Even now, I am planning on a sequel but don't know which direction, Gods, Shaman, Inca Empire, the future of the myth, etc. 
    But now that I am writing a second novel about a dream I had while I was waking up from a coma after surgery for an aortic dissection, I know where this ends because it is based on a dream I had, like your relative because I went into the future, shared a body, proved to them in that future I had lived in the past and then came back.  So I have been struggling with the middle and viola the solution/idea of writing the ending is an obvious one, then I can go back and maybe do the last chapter and work chapters toward the beginning.  I too love your book basked on the five people and can see how you could write this last first so to speak.  Thank you again.

  • Love his style and especially how he brings it all together to write wonderful books and takes you in to the story, which makes him such a memorable author! I love this video and how he is so down to earth as he speaks! Ty! Enjoyed immensely!
  • I love Mitch Albom's books. He has a wonderful writing style, he makes his characters jump right off the pages at you. This resource was very helpful. There is no one right way to write, follow your own dharma....blessings, ann
  • this topic was very interesting I enjoyed it and learned a lot. God bless you, Marie Williamson
  • Ink what you think at the moment with the momentum you've got - I believe this is quite a passionate way to write a story...Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Writing is that too.