Randall Wallace & Jack Bernstein on Tips for Finding and Channeling Writing Inspiration - video

American inventor Thomas Edison said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." Writer and producer Jack Bernstein, known for the film Ace Ventura and for his work on popular TV shows such as Monk and NCIS: New Orleans, thinks there is a lot to this saying. You may experience a creative spark to get you started but you can't expect it just to take off on its own. There is a lot of hard work and perseverance involved to see an idea through to the end. Award-winning writer and producer Randall Wallace, known for blockbuster films including Braveheart, We Were Soldiers and Secretariat, says you have to nurture your inspirations and be willing to investigate and shift gears as needed. It's okay to feel a little lost along the way. Both writers agree that you need to record or write down any little inspirations that come to you in your daily life, not trusting yourself to remember them. They also recommend being open to inspiration when talking through your ideas and stories with your critique partners or writing group. You never know what additional ideas or inspiration will come out of talking it through with someone else. 

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