Randall Wallace on Finding the Emotional Core of a Story - podcast

Award-winning writer and producer, Randall Wallace, known for blockbuster films including Braveheart, We Were Soldiers and Secretariat, is convinced that the key to great writing and storytelling is being able to put your heart into a story. Finding the emotional core of every story has been his compass and his impulse throughout his career. As director of the film Secretariat, Wallace knew people were familiar with the story of the triple crown winner, so his goal was to create more than just a biographical sports drama about a horse. For him, the story was about transcendence and the ability to beat the odds. Wallace wanted the audience to feel glory, not just victory, with the horse's and owner's wins. As a writer, you have to ask yourself, "What do I feel with this story and what do I want to feel?" And you keep at it until you feel that desired emotion.

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