The Creative Differences Between Songwriting and Writing a Book

For musician and author W. Timothy Wright, the creative process for songwriting and writing a book is very different. The need for a creative outlet, which is often the catalyst behind his work, does however, come from a similar place. As a member of The Wright Brothers Band for over 45 years, Wright has dabbled in songwriting for a long time and finds the process to be relatively easy. The challenging part of songwriting, he says, is fitting the story into just three minutes. It can also take a lot of songwriting effort before writing a hit. Wright has found the process of writing a book to be a little more forgiving. With his first nonfiction book, Not the Destination, Wright talks about his journey and experiences with his band. In his latest nonfiction book, The Valley Boys, Wright tells the story of two rival towns where he grew up that merged high schools and basketball teams. Wright never felt creatively blocked with either book, but attributes much of that to writing what he knows. He advises other writers to let the creativity take over when needed, and enjoy the mystery that surrounds creativity.

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