Cake Bake Shop’s Gwendolyn Rogers on the Inspiration and Recipes for Her Cookbook

Gwendolyn Rogers opened her first Cake Bake Shop restaurant and bakery in 2014 in popular Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis, IN. This award-winning, globally recognized shop has become a destination for celebrations and special occasions. Rogers began pursuing the idea of a cookbook after numerous customers came into her shop requesting the recipes for her delicious menu items. Her desire to share her love for baking and to allow others to share the recipes with their families has continued to drive her goal of publishing a cookbook. The biggest challenge she has encountered so far in the process is choosing which recipes to include, and making sure they are exactly right. Rogers is in the process of scaling back her favorite recipes and testing them out, but with a second Cake Bake Shop opening in Carmel, IN in the spring of 2019, it's been a slow process. For Rogers, ensuring each recipe is the absolute best it can be is too important to rush.  

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