How Writers Can Enhance Creativity through Observation

Where do story ideas come from? Sparking creativity can be difficult, especially when your job is to create all day, every day. Listening to other authors talk about how they find inspiration can help writers as they develop their own processes. Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, writer, producer, director, and career coach, gives advice for writers to enhance their creativity. While some people are trying to become famous with their creations, other people have to create because they are compelled toward art. Ultimately, writers need to find those things that bring joy and express them through their art. Cutler-Rubenstein does this through people-watching and drawing inspiration from everyday activities. For example, she once wrote a whole theatre play after watching kids play truth-or-dare. She doesn’t only encourage writers to observe their surroundings, but also how they respond to their surroundings. What things make you sad or joyful or angry? What makes you ask good questions and continually curious? Listen to the clip below to learn more about prompting your unique form of creativity through observation.

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