5 Reasons to Write a Book

Woman writing a book on a laptop.This year, millions of people just like you will write a book. Many will be born of humble beginnings, starting off as a labor of love, catharsis, dissertation, or all out rant. While exact motivation is specific to the individual, there are some reasons that uniformly move pen to paper. Listed below are five that may be subtly at work in your life and moving you ever closer to the page.

1. It straightens out your thoughts.

The tangled state of the world notwithstanding, many of us have a slew of ideas and thoughts swirling around, just waiting to be ironed out. Writing brings structure and form to free flowing thoughts and can serve as a catharsis and a means of bringing order to a chaotic jumble of notions.

2. It’s a generous way to share with an audience that really wants to hear from you.

Not every book sells a million copies. Yet, that doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer or that there is not an audience out there who needs to hear what you have to say. Liberated from the pressure to write a bestseller, you are free to focus on sharing a message that means something to you, with people that want to hear it.

3. It’s an opportunity to be totally authentic.

These days the fakery of life is at an all-time high. At one point or another you’ve no doubt experienced Holden Caulfield’s famous refrain echoing in your ears as you’ve scanned Instagram and encountered “all the phonies out there.” With the creation of online personas, phonies are alive and well and flourishing. Writing is an opportunity to create something truly authentic. In writing there is no right or wrong. It is not focused on currying favor. A subjective art form rooted in self-expression, great writing is often irreverent. Revel in the freedom that is your work.

4. It expresses like no other medium.

We need to be heard. When we answer why we write, we reveal more about ourselves than we know. Writing is intimacy available to so many who have no-one, or who can’t speak to others for fear, embarrassment, or simple isolation. We write because we abhor and adore. It’s magical, no matter the misspellings.

5. It’s about making a connection.

Writing is a sacred act connecting us to the past, present and future. Writing connects us to all the minds that came before us and will come after us. It’s a way to capture our moment in time and generate a conversation between ourselves and others. Though many often think of writing as a solitary pastime performed in isolation, that needn’t be the case. As part of the ALC community, we are with you every step of the way. Take solace in the support of others who are on a similar journey and enjoy the process. Delight in the possibilities and experience the exhilaration of invention.

Everyone has words in them. Many sentences, too. Often, a book is just a realization away.

Need a pen?   

To see a list of additional reasons for writing a book, visit bestselling author, speaker, and ALC contributor Seth Godin’s blog post “Ten reasons to write a book”. If you're ready to write a book but aren't sure where to start, click here!.

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