Pamela Christian on Her Publishing Journey and What Inspires Her Writing

Author, speaker, and media personality Pamela Christian never intended to become an author of multiple books, but she was first inspired after presenting a workshop at a Christian women’s event. She led a Bible study, and thought a helpful companion to studying the Bible would be a book studying its origins. The result was His Word Afresh, My Life Anew: A-F-R-E-S-H Approach to Bible Study. Christian went on to write other books inspired by her experiences: she wrote Bless Your Heart, Your Health and Your Life!: The Lifestyle Plan that Puts You in Charge after surviving sudden cardiac arrest, and her Faith to Live By series to encourage readers to seriously evaluate their religious beliefs. Christian does not believe the truth is relative, and her goal is to show this in a respectful way and convince readers to change their points of view.

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