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  • Differences in Writing Fiction and Nonfiction

    Fiction writing and nonfiction writing require two very different approaches, and often, two very different parts of the brain. As a former journalist and now fiction...
    Christina Hoag
    • Christina Hoag
  • How Genre Fiction Can Appeal to More Readers

    Finding a wide audience for a book is difficult, particularly when an author writes in a niche genre. Part of the effort to attract new readers happens in the marketing...
    M. Todd Gallowglas
    • M. Todd Gallowglas
  • Howard V. Hendrix on Becoming a Science Fiction Writer

    Each writer’s path to becoming an author is unique, but there are often similarities between the various journeys. It can be helpful to hear other authors' stories...
    Howard V. Hendrix
    • Howard V. Hendrix
  • Key Elements of Horror Fiction

    In the last few decades, horror has left the realm of the low-budget “B-Movie” and entered into mainstream media. With blockbuster hits and Oscar-nominated stories...
    Neil V. Young
    • Neil V. Young
  • How a Memoir Evolves into a Work of Fiction

    Marlan Warren, Author and Publicist with Roadmap Communications, explains how her novel transformed from a series of diary entries to a work of fiction. While a standard...
    Marlan Warren
    • Marlan Warren