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  • How a Memoir Evolves into a Work of Fiction

    Marlan Warren, Author and Publicist with Roadmap Communications, explains how her novel transformed from a series of diary entries to a work of fiction. While a standard...
    Marlan Warren
    • Marlan Warren
  • Backward Engineering a Novel vs a Film Project

    Dan Watanabe, Entertainment Expert and Media Arts Instructor, explains the differences between backward engineering a novel and a film project. Backward engineering...
    Dan Watanabe
    • Dan Watanabe
  • Genre Basics: Religious, Inspirational & Spiritual - article

    What is a Religious, Inspirational, or Spiritual Book? The genre of “religious, inspirational, and spiritual” encompasses a diverse collection of material that includes...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Genre Basics - Mystery - article

    What is a Mystery Novel? Going as far back to the Sherlock Holmes series in the late 1800s, the mystery novel has been a popular genre for a long time. These novels...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Genre Basics - Thrillers - article

    What is a Thriller? Thriller novels usually involve a protagonist who is working to fight a foreign power, criminal organization, or a ruthless villain . The conflicts...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center