How do you write Fascinating Books about Technical Things - video

Jim Stein, author of The Right Decision, How Math Explains the World, shares his views on how to keep things interesting when writing about technical topics like math. No matter what kind of Nonfiction you write, check this out for a tip on how to keep your audience engaged with interesting material.
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  • Hi, I am writing a technical book about the specification for a Holodeck. I have designed a motherboard level photonic simulator and am going to add volumetric simulation capability if time allows. I am using my own concept mathematics to portray functionality at a proof of concept level. Thus the book is about proof of concept which is at stage one of the design pipeline, but at this stage it will show a working model of a photonic computer and how it loads an operating system and how it can drive a volumetric display and I have a theoretical approach to adding touch and the concept of realism to a scene in the holodeck.

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