Focusing on Your Memoir - podcast

When you're writing a memoir, it's easy to lose direction and feel overwhelmed by the years of stories and adventures you've experienced in your life. You can't include everything in your memoir, so which experiences tell your story? Linda Joy Meyers, award-winning author and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, discusses techniques for defining and finding the focus of your memoir. Her approach will help you define the significant moments in your life and pick from those the events that belong in your memoir. Meyers graciously shares specific details that you can duplicate in your own writing. If you write memoir or are even considering it, you won’t want to miss this interview.
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  • Thank you, great advice about writing in the moment, turning point changes and not writing against the wave.
  • Thank you Linda for the info about putting more description of scenes into a memoir. Will review my "will this ever be done" book to see how to in-cooperate scenery that might add another layer of insight into the story
  • Dear Linda, I wanted to write 5 years out of my 50 year where I was away in a foreign land. Can I write it in a sequence of event form, say by years? I wanted to include those significant moments where there is change, transformation etc following a sequence. Is it ok? Thank you
  • I think this will assist me in determining the significant points and help me to stay on track with the turning points that I want to write about. This will also help with the timeline...thanks!
  • Wonderful! This really helped.....looking for the turning points. Better than the "just start writing technique" I have gotten from other authors.