The "Pants" Method of Writing Mystery Novels - podcast

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Author Tammy Kaehler describes the "Seat of your Pants" writing method used by many authors who prefer not to outline their books before writing them.
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  • Very instreated thanks for your information.
  • Totally agree Ugonma. I decided to be more disciplined as I started my second novel. I put up my idea board and tried to plot using a few methods I'd learned. But honestly, I've thrown that idea out the window. I felt stifled and had stopped writing as a consequence, and instead found myself staring dumbly at that damn board. I definitely keep a character file though. Changing the eye color of your main character half way through the book is definitely not on, and I'm lucky I caught that one before publication.
  • I love this Tammy. I hear exactly what you're saying. I'm definitely a, 'seat of the pants', writer. But I get deeply into the nuts and bolts after the creating is over.
  • I think for me plotting out a strict outline in the beginning of my writing process restricts my creative flow and makes the writing process a bit boring for me.