Creating a Beat Sheet, Part 1 - podcast

The "beat sheet" is one of the most useful editorial tools that an author can develop. Based on his bestselling book, "Writing Treatments that Sell," Dr. Ken Atchity explains one-page beat sheets and how they differ from synopses, writing treatments, or outlines. Authors will learn how to construct a beat sheet through specific examples of "lines from a beat sheet." Dr. Atchity also reveals the beat sheet's magical ability to chart a story's ups and downs in a way that will make it compelling to readers. This is part one of the two-part recorded webinar.
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  • thank you Dr ken

    i am new in this field and currently i am writting a book, beatsheet seem helpful

    can you send a  sample of beat sheet via

  • Thank you Dr Ken Atchity. A beat sheet sounds easy to write. I have written three in a short space of time and found myself in awe of my crazy imagination. I now have a much clearer picture of who are the main characters. The ones I like the best aren't necessarily the most important. Very amusing stuff ! Georgina Zuvela -
  • Not having ever written a book this is the most useful item I have encountered