Author Kathi Macias on Her Workshops for Seniors Who Want to Leave a Written Legacy

Author, editor, and ghostwriter Kathi Macias believes writing a book about one’s life story is a great way for seniors to leave a lasting legacy for their families. Macias’s father moved to the United States from Germany before World War II, and when the war started, he fought on America’s side. His younger brother, still at home, had to join Germany’s army. Her father ended up crossing enemy lines and helping his brother leave the army and go AWOL. Macias’s uncle wrote a book about this time of his life, Brothers at War. Even if no one else reads the book, Macias says, it’s still an important piece of history that her family is able to preserve forever. Inspired by this realization, Macias has started teaching her train-of-thought writing method at senior centers, so she can help older folks share their story and leave their own legacy.

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