Outlining Your Story

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  • Starting With an Outline - video

    Eric Penz, thriller author of titles such as Cryptid: The Lost Legacy of Lewis and Clark and Courage Between , makes the case that every author outlines, whether they...
    Eric Penz
    • Eric Penz
  • The Benefits of Outlining - video

    Author Mike Johnson shares his thoughts on the benefits of outlining as a way to manage the storyline and prevent writer's block. www.authorlearningcenter.com/....
    Mike Johnson
    • Mike Johnson
  • Four Types of Outlining - article

    Before we explore outlining methods, let's get something out of the way: not all writers use outlines and that's perfectly fine. Winging it, or "pantsing," is a valid...
    Author Learning Center
    • Author Learning Center
  • Michael Tabb on Prewriting Your Screenplay and Building the Foundation of a Story

    For some writers, not knowing where a story is going can be exciting and can lead to cool, unexpected discoveries. Other writers, such a screenwriter, author, and...
    Michael Tabb
    • Michael Tabb
  • Outlining... or ‘Stoutlining’ - video

    There are authors who outline and others who don’t. Then there are some authors who develop their own outlining style. Author Terry Doerscher has created his own outlining...
    Terry Doerscher
    • Terry Doerscher