Tools For Accurate Reporting - podcast

Writing tips from journalists can be helpful for novelists and nonfiction book writers. Both journalists and authors can benefit from taking meticulous notes. David Wedge, journalist and co-author of the book, “Boston Strong,” talks about how he kept his focus and took accurate notes while reporting in stressful situations, including the Boston Marathon bombing and World Trade Center terror attacks. He captured the scenes and described what people were doing, beyond what was necessary for a journalistic news story. These detailed notes provided the material to help him write a book.
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  • Hey … Mr. Wedge …  David ...  if I may!?!  Would you or someone you know be interested in co-authoring or ghost-writing or other collaborative arrangement … I need someone to make my story come alive and become interesting.  Otherwise the book is largely together and consists of a potential of over 400 pages.  It needs to be told as fiction based on true story with names changed etc. etc.