Randall Wallace on Writing Braveheart - video

Many authors have experienced dark times of questioning their path. It was in such a period that writer, director and producer Randall Wallace decided that if he had one more opportunity, he would write a personally meantingful story--not one that would be a big seller or garner rave reviews. The result was Braveheart, a story he held of writing for 10 years, because he knew it would be a pivotal story for him, personally, to tell.
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  • I have seen the movie , I have not read the book however  I love that it was and is your liniage. I  pray that I can turn out such a product. Thank you. S L ee Glick

  • I don't think I could ever do something as wonderful as Braveheart but I have all theses stories inside of me .I would love to have at least one of my stories read by someone and them say wow I really liked that .It was believable and keep me with the characters .Your Braveheart was Awesome Thank you for sharing it with the world. RK