Children’s Author Derek Taylor Kent on His First Adult Novel, Kubrick’s Game - video

Inspired by stories of mystery and conspiracy such as Ready Player One and The DaVinci Code, children's author and screenwriter Derek Taylor Kent set out to write a puzzle mystery novel for adults. Once he determined that his passion for Stanley Kubrick's films would drive the book's theme, Kent spent one and a half years doing research and worked with the best puzzle creators in the entertainment industry to create the mind-bending puzzles for the story. The biggest challenge in transitioning from children's books to an adult novel, Kent says, was rediscovering his adult voice as a writer. After six months of writing and one year of editing, Kubrick's Game was ready to be released. Knowing his target audience well, Kent and his puzzle partners created a real-life treasure hunt on his website for the book's launch and it quickly became a critically acclaimed international bestseller, winning numerous awards. 

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