Kaitlin Solimine on the Inspiration and Writing Process for Her Novel, Empire of Glass

At the age of 16, author Kaitlin Solimine had the opportunity to live in Beijing, China with a home-stay family. Her experiences during this time and over the next ten years as she continued to build her relationship with her host family planted the initial seed for a book. Solimine found the dynamics of an American girl being so welcomed by a Chinese family intriguing, considering all of the political turmoil between the two countries over the last century. She then applied for and received a Fulbright scholarship to do a research study in China that would supply much of the material for her book. After finishing this program, Solimine came back to the U.S. and enrolled in a creative writing program through UCLA Extension to continue honing her craft. This program helped her understand what it meant to be a committed writer, how to set goals, and how to structure her award-winning, critically acclaimed debut historical fiction novel Empire of Glass.

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