The Importance of Technical and Scientific Accuracy in Creating a Good Sci-Fi Story

Most sci-fi writers are not actually scientists, and, even if an author is proficient in something like rocket science, he or she probably isn’t also a nuclear physicist or molecular biologist. This lack of knowledge can create large plot holes in a novel and take the reader out of the world created by the book. With this in mind, an author needs an accurate base of knowledge in the formation of each new technology. Doing thorough research of concepts before integrating new technology into a sci-fi novel is vital. In fact, the research must be so complete that John Wilkerson, sci-fi author, journalist, and ghostwriter, won’t write about certain topics or technology. For example, he will never write a space opera because he doesn’t want to deal with relativity when traveling faster than the speed of light. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now so pervasive in our technological sphere that almost any author writing a book that highlights technology needs a good working knowledge of the concept. Listen to the clip below for realistic expectations on what a sci-fi novelist can and can’t fulfill!

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