Carl Prude Jr. on His Upcoming Book About Integrating Priorities

Time management is a misleading concept, explains Carl Prude Jr., an author, speaker, and president of The Work Life Company. Because you cannot save or create time, it’s not really possible to achieve balance among your priorities – instead, it’s better to focus on integrating your priorities. This is the focus of Prude’s next book, which is tentatively titled Seamless. In the book, he wants to show readers how to connect the dots between their work, family, health, faith, and other areas of life. By integrating these elements, you’ll always be focused on what’s important, because you’ve made everything important and connected.

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  • Yes sometimes we like to believe we are a hermit in this world. But life is ever connected. As they always say life is interdependent. We realize this as we get older how true this is.