Randall Wallace & Jack Bernstein on Successful Writing Collaborations - video

There are two primary ways that writers collaborate - formally and organically. Award-winning writer and producer, Randall Wallace, known for blockbuster films including Braveheart, We Were Soldiers and Secretariat, prefers the more natural collaborations. For Wallace, a great collaboration is where two people who have common instincts truly inspire each other. Wallace and writer-producer Jack Bernstein have had what he calls a "creative friendship" for years, bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing honest feedback. Bernstein, known for the film Ace Ventura and for his work on popular TV shows such as Monk and NCIS: New Orleans, has experienced the more formal team collaborations when working on various television series. While each writing collaboration can be very different, they both agree that the best collaborations are where those involved know how to push one another in the right direction.

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