Author L.E. Perez on the Evolution of the Anthology Series Thrill of the Hunt

L. E. Perez, author and owner of Palmas Publishing, talks about her publishing journey and why she chose to publish an anthology. Her anthology series, Thrill of the Hunt, has been followed by a number of sequels. After the first anthology, the project turned out to be a success and she had more and more authors join. This prompted the focus of the next anthology to shift. In earlier editions, the parameters were loose, but as time went on Perez chose to narrow the thematic focus of the anthology. Now, it’s become a different sort of project than it was when she started. Throughout this journey, she has learned quite a bit about the benefits of publishing an anthology. Not only does collaborating within an anthology connect you with new authors, but it also connects you with their readers. In the clip below, learn how submitting to an anthology can accelerate your writing career!

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