Susan Titus Osborn on Connecting with New Hope Publishers, and the Impact of Her Nonfiction Work

Susan Titus Osborn, an author, editor, and owner of The Christian Communicator, helped write a series of Christian-oriented issues books for women after connecting with Andrea Mullins of New Hope Publishers. The three books cover verbal abuse, suicide, and domestic abuse. Obsorn herself had experience with verbal abuse, which made the book Wounded by Words extra personal for her. Too Soon to Say Goodbye was meant for readers who had known someone who took their own life, but Osborn soon learned that there were readers who were considering taking their own lives and felt differently after reading the book. For the last installment of the series, Breaking Invisible Chains, Osborn got in touch with a domestic violence detective and made sure to include an appendix with information on where to find help.

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  • I was very interested in your book about Suicide because there as been a lot of my people in England who have taken their lives because of the Pandemic.