The Importance of the Craft of Writing and Tips to Improve

Anyone that wants to write can write, but it takes special skills to create content and stories that capture the interest of readers other than yourself or your family. These skills can be learned through formal MFA programs and honed through writing every day, but they can also be learned from being an avid reader, says author and freelance writer Jason Schmetzer. The craft of writing is not just about words and sentences, he says, it's about knowing how to put these words and sentences together in a compelling way. By reading with a critical eye, writers can learn the elements and techniques that established authors use to meet reader expectations. Per Schmetzer, reading the work of other authors in your genre is the most efficient way to improve you writing craft. He also recommends looking at the Amazon reviews for books similar to yours to see what readers are saying. Once you are ready to move onto the next step with your writing craft, Schmetzer suggests looking for local writing groups or online writing groups specific to your genre. Sharing your work with your peers and getting feedback can go a long way in honing your craft.

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