Humor Columnist Erik Deckers on Integrating Humor into Your Writing

Almost all writing benefits from some element of humor, no matter if humor is its primary purpose. Most writing creates some kind of conflict or tension and then diffuses it in the form of a resolution. Utilizing humor on the way to a resolution can diffuse some of the tension before an author is ready to diffuse all of it. Greek comedies were heartbreakingly sad and Greek tragedies were uproariously funny. So whether you’re a dramatist or a humor columnist, humor is going to be an important part of your work. Erik Deckers, author, humor columnist, and president of Pro Blog Service, explains various elements of humor that can enhance an author’s wit in his or her writing. Surprise, recognition, and exaggeration are three principles that Deckers unpacks. These are elements that every author should understand and tuck away in his or her toolbox. Deckers also explains a humor technique that can be offensive if not employed correctly. For a quick overview, watch Deckers in the link below! 

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