Story Elements and Tips that Will Capture Readers

How do you write stories that people want to read? In the internet age, there’s an abundance of content available to readers, making it difficult for your book to stand out. Which story elements should you hold to, and where can you take a risk? Elaine Ash, author, editor, and book coach, talks about writing stories that entertain first and foremost, regardless of genre. She believes anything can be successful as long as it’s entertaining. Even her stories that fall into the most niche genres have found success because they are engaging. Her advice for engaging readers is to be descriptive. Fantastic imagery will place a reader in the world you’ve written. However, she calls on writers to balance description with strong narration and to avoid blending certain genres. Finally, make it powerful by keeping it short. “I never met a story that couldn’t use less words,” she says. Listen to the clip below for Ash’s tips on honing your craft to write an entertaining story! 

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