Tips for Writing a First Page that Captures a Reader’s Attention

What compels someone to start a book and keep turning the pages? With all of the content available to the modern reader, it can be daunting to compete for – and keep – his or her attention. Elaine Ash, author, editor, and book coach, explains some of the best ways to engage a reader and catch their attention in a world of distractions. First, your opening line has to intrigue the reader. It must pull the reader in and makes them want to know more. The back cover or marketing copy may get someone to purchase and start your book, but a solid first page will keep them reading. She also shares a common mistake authors make on the first page: flashbacks. “If you need a flashback or a change of scene on the first page, or after the first few sentences or paragraphs, you’re not starting your story in the right spot,” she says. Listen to Elaine Ash impart these tips and more in the clip below!  

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